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Paul Richards
4th August 2019
unitron vista d gatefold

Getting started

Today we set up a broad sheet digital print run for one of our usual customers. Due to the sizing of the job we ordered in B2 paper. The dimensions of this paper are 720mm x 520mm. Following this we trimmed the sheets in half horizontally from 520mm down to 260mm. After that we do a final trim from 720mm down to 700mm because that is our digital printers maximum print area

Preparing the artwork

Our pre-press operators carefully inspect the job. Preflight and check for any errors within the PDF files supplied. An insight into this process would be along these lines:

  • Receive artwork from the client.
  • Preflight with Acrobat Pitstop.
  • Scan over the document for any foreseeable errors.
  • Ensure dimensions are correct from job specification.
  • Check all images are CMYK.
  • Establish any overprint errors and rectify.
  • Output final PDF with tick marks and fold marks and make sure
    there is a viable amount of bleed for the suited job. We normally
    require at least 2-3mm.
  • Send a PDF proof over to the client. In some situations this could
    be an hard copy proof.
  • Upon approval of proof we then impose the artwork to
    suit the sheet size. This time we will only be getting
    one item to view.
  • Load paper and set the digital press to correct sizes and stock type.
  • Calibrate the machine to ensure colours are matching to any previous
    versions we may of printed in the past.
  • Finally we are ready to print!

It's time to print

Let's print out a sample sheet, check the positioning and inspect the print to ensure the printing is optimal. The sheet looks brilliant, nice quality and no issues.

We then input the quantity we require and make sure enough overs are run for finishing. This is to make sure you get your final amount even if we have some spoils when finishing. Now we can hit that print button! Go go go.

The sheets are being vacuum fed through the broad sheet tray, the print processing light brightens the room. The machine is firing the sheets through like it's nothing. The stack pile is getting taller. The print runs it's end of course.

Finish it

The printings hot off the press. It's down to our finishing department to finalise the work. This particular job needs scoring to make sure it folds well and to help with cracking issues, this makes sure the folds are super clean. The scoring is finished. We now need to trim the sheets down to actual finished size.

The guillotine cuts through the paper like a hot knife to butter. Safety notice: don't put your hands in the guillotine. It won't be pretty! The works trimmed to size. We are nearing our end goal! It's time to fold the sheets into a gatefold and if you are wondering "what in the world is a gatefold". Please check out the video below.

I have added two videos towards the end of this post to show the full process. You will find a video showing the print being delivered from the exit of our Ricoh C9100 Pro and I have included a video which will show the final product.

Print delivery to exit tray
Final product

Pack it up!

Finally the final part of the process is to pack all this job into suitable boxes. Label up the boxes and despatch the job to our client. Thank you for reading.

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